The most important gift a counselor can give is to deeply listen and to understand the uniqueness of each person.

I have been a licensed clinical social worker for over 30 years. I have worked in an array of professional settings- in the public child welfare system, in private agencies and on a Native American reservation. My work has included both children and adults who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression and substance abuse.

I look at each person in the context of their relationships. Relationships within their families, their communities & with the Infinite. I have experienced the power of both our conscious thoughts & the influence of our unconscious beliefs. I understand how the quality of our thoughts can impact our bodies creating both dis-ease as well as health and healing. I have a clear experience of thIs mind body connection  both from  my professional experience & my personal journey.

I am trained in traditional evidence based therapeutic approaches & weave my knowledge of holistic healing modalities throughout my work. Those modalities include art making, therapeutic yoga, nutrition, and herbal medicine.

I work in a small private practice group called Intuition Wellness Center. There I work with children and adults individually weaving art and yoga together with more traditional therapeutic approaches. I also provide therapeutic art and yoga groups designed to provide support for mental health challenges. Please see for more information on my work.

I am also available to work with a select group of individuals who would like to meet via SKPE or by phone. This work moves away from traditional clinical social work and is grounded in therapeutic art and yogic counseling. For more information about this possibility please contact me at:

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